Tuesday 26 Jul 2016
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Located in the heart of Venice, just steps from the famous Rialto Bridge, the Caffè del Doge coffee roasting company still carefully follows the secrets to artisanal coffee roasting as passed down from the founder himself, Cavalier Ermenegildo Rizzardini.  During the second half of the last century, the Cavalier infused all of his passion and experience as a master roaster into one of the most celebrated businesses in Venice.

Bernardo Della Mea purchased the Caffè del Doge roasting company from the Cavalier in 1995 and from the first day, brought the same passion and know-how to the company. He and his collaborators enlarge and structure the small roasting company into a dynamic and modern company. The company proudly became a member of the Specialty Coffee Association of America in 1997, adhering to their international mission dedicated to the development and promotion of coffee, from the plantation to the cup.

Caffè del Doge exhibited at the Fancy Food Show in New York in 1999 and from there, discovered the foreign marketplace. The company’s production was moved in 2001 to Padova in order to accommodate structural, logistical and production needs. Today the plant in Due Carrare is outfitted with an avant-garde system of coffee roasting which maintains the traditional methods of roasting, the “classic Venetian method” as instructed by the master roaster, Cavalier Rizzardini.

The last ten years have brought the Caffè del Doge brand to more than 25 countries worldwide, more than 40% of its business, while maintaining a strong presence in Venice.  In 2004 Caffè del Doge became a member of the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE) and in the same year, was selected by Palazzo Grassi n Venice to manage and run its restaurant and coffee bar during the landmark Salvador Dali exhibition.  Following the success at Palazzo Grassi, Caffè del Doge would become present at each café in the Civic Museums of Venice circuit.

The opening in 2003 of the first branded coffee bars in Venice, Italy and Tokyo, Japan are moments of strong strategic planning for an artisanal roasting company. The company decided to transport the aromas and flavors of Venetian espresso to the world.  Venice was the city which first offered coffee in Italy.

Shortly thereafter the Seasonal Coffees® were introduced. These were single origin coffees, offered in their purest form and extremely diverse among each other. They were selected to offer new aromas, sensations and emotions to passionate coffee lovers.

The company has since celebrated the opening of Caffè del Doge coffee bars in Palo Alto, California; Cairo, Egypt; Buenos Aires, Argentina, all thanks to the collaboration of like-minded partners who have remained attentive, dedicated and passionate to the concept.

More recently, the twin coffee bar in Bolzano, Italy was opened in 2008 and in 2010, Caffè del Doge as official supplier contributed to the design of the cafè in the Villa Pisani Museum, located on the River Brenta and which was at one time the summer residence of the 18th-century Doge Alvise Pisani’s family.




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