Caffe del Doge

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About us, Caffe del Doge, our history


The roasting plant was founded in Venice in 952 by Sir Ermenegildo Rizzardini, a Venetian roster and coffee lover.
Located next to Rialto Bridge, the artisan roasting  plant (called ExtraDoge) became famous among the locals for its finest coffee blends and for its delicious blend. The roasting plant soon became a hot spot for hundreds of cafes and shops in Venice and for people looking for fresh roasted coffee. After 50 Years of history Sir Rizzardini chose a worthy successor who learnt the profession and decided to follows his footsteps.
Eventually, Bernardo Della Mea acquired the artisan roasting in 1995.  With great foresight he decided to call his coffee “Caffè del Doge”.  In few Years, thanks to Bernardo and his passionate staff, the small artisan roaster started to grow and develop in a dynamic and modern export-oriented coffee company.
In 2001 the production premise moved to Padua’s industrial area,  a choice due to logistic and production needs. The roasting plant in Due Carrare has now a forefront roasting system that conserves the entire traditional processing method, known as  the “Classico Veneziano” method.
Today, the same place that hosted the roasting, in  Calle dei Cinque, is a Caffè del Doge coffee Bar, a place where coffee enthusiasts from all over the world taste our products.