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Doge Rosso

Simple in its composition, Doge Rosso is a blend composed of 100% Arabica beans from Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala and India, each origin is roasted separately and then “cold-blended” as dictated by the Venetian tradition.

Doge Nero

Created by selecting a base of Arabica coffees from the Alta Mogiana region in Brazil and from central american and caribbean plantations and uniting them with a washed Indian Robusta coffee, Kaapi Royale.

Caffè delle Stagioni

A careful selection of Single Origins from all over the world, roasted for Espresso;

delicious for any type of extraction and grinding,  seasonally the choice may change according to the best coffee crops of the year.

our history

Coffee is a platonic academy (…) where no lesson are taught, but where one learns to socialize and to be enchanted. One can chat and gossip but it is forbidden to preach, lecture or instruct. (by special permission of the author Claudio Magris)

Venice and Coffee

The history of coffee in Europe began in Venice, it was the first place in Italy where people experienced the delicious aroma of coffee in the late seventeenth century.Historical documents revealed that the ambassador in Constantinople Gianfrancesco Morosini was the first to mention the coffee, in a report to the senate of Venice in 1585.
The credit for discovery of one of the most world’s consumed beverage was given to the Venetian Merchants. They followed the sea routes that linked the far east with Venice and Naples, bringing the first bags of coffee in Venice …

I Bambini del Caffè
Caffè Del Doge no-profit Association

The non-profit association I Bambini del Caffè was officially launched at the opening of the first Caffè del Doge Coffee Bar on September 5, 2003 in Venice, Italy.I Bambini del Caffè association will activate programs towards underprivileged children, teenagers and their families who work on coffee plantations all over the world

Coffee lovers

Professional Barista Training, constantly monitoring coffee standards, customized solutions for your coffee business

Coffee Bean

barista training

In 1997 Caffè del Doge became a member of the Specialty Coffee Association
(https://sca.coffee) an international organization that deals with the enhancement, development and promotion of coffee, from plantation to cup. Since 2004 Caffè del Doge has made its Authorized Trainers available to offer a professional Barista Training service to passionate Customers who want to achieve certified skills in their profession.

Coffee Bean

SCA in ItalY

Specialty Coffee Association of Europe: our Authorized Caffè del Doge Sca trainers. SCA is the worldwide trade association delivering coffee excellence that brings together professionals in all areas of the coffee industry to create and inspire excellence in the coffee community through innovation, research, education and communication. https://sca.coffee Our company is proud of having the presence of authorized SCAE trainers constantly monitoring coffee standards: https://www.scaitaly.coffee

Coffee Bean


We design all the “Caffè del Doge“ merchandising in our company in Italy and we carefully control the production.
Discover all the “Caffè del Doge“ merchandising items: ground coffee gift packaging, coffee cups, cappuccino cups, mugs and more.
Advertising & graphics: our designers provide flexible and customized solutions for your coffee business, please contact us for more information.


The Caffè del Doge coffee bars are places of Coffee cult: It offers a warm and sophisticated atmosphere where you can find more than 14 different coffee among classic blends like Doge Rosso 100% Arabica, Doge Nero and the seasonal coffee, all obtained from a fine selection of single origin coffee beans coming from worldwide plantations.

In the coffee bar Caffè del Doge, coffee lovers can also enjoy our exclusive venetian style drinks with notes of spices, cocoa, cream, creme fresh and chocolate among others.  Here can be found, a tasting selection of sweet and savoury food accompanied by an exclusive choice of beverages such as daily fresh juice, blended fruit and vegetables, selected  wines and soft drinks.

The Caffè del Doge “Coffee Bar” is the fusion of our experience and the study of coffee traditions: we prepare our coffee not only in the traditional Italian espresso way, but also in other interesting extraction methods including the drip coffee, the aero press extraction, the siphon and the American coffee.

The constant training and innovation of our team enable us to surprise even the most demanding customers, this made Caffè del Doge’s franchise a great appeal business.
Coffee Bar in franchising are custom-designed, respecting both spaces of working people and the customer comfort.
Our Master barista SCA trainer will give support in all phases of training and management of the coffee bar.

Would you like to open a Franchising Caffè del Doge in your city?

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Il nostro Team

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Logistica e Produzione

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Amministrazione e contabilità

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Agente & Customer Care

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Responsabile Produzione

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Ufficio Commerciale

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Ufficio Commerciale

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Responsabile Vendite Italia

Caffè del Doge Golf Trophy

Caffè del Doge Golf Trophy is a golf tournament in multiple stages dedicated to coffee lovers.
The tournament involves some of the most beautiful Italian Golf Courses where Caffè del Doge was chosen as supplier for espresso coffee in their Clubhouses.
The common passion for golf and the close cooperation with top national companies, have brought our golf tournament to be one of the most prestigious competitions in the Italian golfing scene.

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