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I Bambini del Caffè, no profit association


The non-profit association I Bambini del Caffè was officially launched at the opening of the first Caffè del Doge Coffee Bar on September 5, 2003 in Venice, Italy.
I Bambini del Caffè association will activate programs towards underprivileged children, teenagers and their families who work on coffee plantations all over the world:  the communities in the coffee industry who provide us with our raw materials  and that finds themselves in poor living conditions, well under the poverty level (earning less than one U.S. dollar per day).
Based on the raised funds, we intend to give back to this community by providing scholarships for children in these isolated indigenous communities, where there is an extremely high illiteracy rate in female children, in addition to creating community projects to help children who are forced to work in black markets and on the streets.
Additionally through a long-distance adoption program, I Bambini del Caffè will adopt and will support children who live in coffee-producing countries, providing necessary resources so that new opportunities can be created for them.
Caffè del Doge can truly say that its coffee is “good” in every sense of the word.

It is easy to lend your support to I Bambini del Caffè!

Become a sustaining member by making a minimum contribution and completing the membership form.
You will receive a membership card, periodic newsletter, an annual report detailing the Association’s activities, and a coupon entitling you to discounts when making on-line purchases at our e-shop.
I Bambini del Caffè’s activities and programs will be also sustained by dedicated percentages from coffee sales by the Caffè del Doge roasting company, in addition to voluntary singular donations and special events.

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