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The Doge of Venice, the History, Caffè del Doge


Why the Doge? Who was the Doge of Venice?

The Doge was the chief of the Supreme Court of the Venice Republic. He was established in 697 and lasted until the fall of the Republic, on 12 May 1797. For more than 1,100 years, Venice had 120 Doges.
Originally, the Doge had an enormous power , which were limited in the 12th  century.
He was chosen among the nobles of the Venetian aristocracy and, once elected, he kept his office until his death.
The term comes from the Latin word “dux” , which means leader, guide, chief.
The most representative symbol of the Doge of Venice is his peculiar crown: the Doge’s horn.
the horn  was a garment of Byzantine origin embellished with gems, pearls and gold. It was.hand-stitched by the nuns of San Zaccaria and offered to the Doge in his Easter visit to the church.
One of this precious headgears is preserved at the Museo Correr in Venice.
The Caffè del Doge logo is inspired by this important figure and our logo represents a stylized profile figure wearing doge horn.